Rubber stamps are an end-product whose limited intended personal use is "rubber stamping" by hand.
Rubber stamps are NOT a free source of art for commercial projects of any size whether for profit or not.
You are purchasing the physical rubber stamp NOT the rights to the design on said stamp.

Items and designs shown cannot be duplicated without specific written consent from Cherry Pie Art Stamps, LLC. No reproduction by digital, electronic or mechanical means is allowed including, but not limited to, use on the internet, scanning, video or digital reproduction, copy machines or printing, without written consent. This policy will be strictly enforced.

You may not sell the designs themselves or reproduce them in any form or manner without written consent from Cherry Pie Art Stamps, LLC.
These images CANNOT be used for business logos.

The terms of our Angel Policy are:

You can sell your finished artwork provided that:
1. It's stamped by hand
2. It's in quantity of 20 or less per design
3. Credit is given to ©Cherry Pie Art Stamps, LLC

I offer my own original designs (by Marina Lenzino), for which I have an exclusive copyright, and designs that are adapted/changed/edited/collaged from works in the public domain (and I hold the copyright for all alterations).
Please give credit to Cherry Pie Art Stamps© and Marina Lenzino© in all your internet listings and, when possible, somewhere on your item. Thank you for respecting my artwork!

All Rights Reserved ©1991-2015